White iPhone 4 Could Land Teen In Court, Apple May Try To Claim $130,000

Queen, New York resident Fei Lam, a 17-year-old college student may be going to court. Apple may sue the teen for reportedly obtaining real parts for the white model iPhone 4 which won’t be released until Spring 2011.

Lam began offering a “kit” which contains real or counterfeit White iPhone 4 parts, parts which could lend themselves to a trademark issue for the teen.

According to several reports, the fluent Chinese speaking teen was somehow able to convince someone at Foxconn (manufacturer of iPhone devices) to get him the parts for his kits which include a white front, back panels, white home button and tools plus instructions for creating the white version of the phone, all for $300 (plus the cost of the phone). Users also have the option to buy just the front or back panels from Lam’s website.

According to the teens own claims, he has already created ore than 500 white iPhone 4 devices, placing his profits at more than $130,000.

According to Lam, he has yet to receive direct contact from Apple, instead receiving a “threatening” letter from a private investigator who has told the teen that his parts are either stolen or counterfeit.

At this time Lam has continued selling his kits for a reduced price of $280.