Kinect hits one million units sold in North America

Microsoft wants to sell five million Kinects by year’s end. This morning, the company revealed it was getting there fast. A little over ten days after Kinect launched, a million of the things have been sold in North America alone. And that, people, is what half a billion dollars of marketing does for you.

Xbox Big Cheese Don Mattrick blah-blahed that the figures were “a great start to the holiday season,” and that the sales would cement “the biggest year in Xbox history.”

Such numbers suggest Kinect has made a stronger start than Sony’s PlayStation Move. In October, Sony revealed “more than one million” Move controllers had been shipped to retailers in the first 30 days of Move being on sale. Kinect has reached the same figure three times as quickly, while Microsoft’s one-million-Kinects claim is based on direct sales to consumers – an important distinction.

That picture up top is a bunch of damn goats climbing a tree. It has nothing to do with Kinect or Move sales, I just liked it.

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[Via press release]