Beatles Coming To iTunes Tomorrow [Leaked Rumor]

It’s been a long uphill battle for Apple, full of negotiations and rumors that never came to fruition, but now it has been leaked that the Beatles catalog, in partnership with EMI will reach iTunes or will at least be officially announced on Tuesday.

While Apple, EMI and the Beatles estate have yet to announce the partnership officially, Billboard has stated that they believe from their own Music industry sources that a deal is in place and ready to come about.

Over the last several years Apple has run into numerous issues, including a catalog that was split between labels and the urge to wait on a digital remastering of the Beatles collection and even for the Paul McCartney divorce from Heather Mills to come to a close, a divorce which probably would have been a bad time for negotiating with the Beatles singer.

With the Beatles: Rock Band launching as a huge success and various other Beatles based electronic deals over the last several years, it appears to be the right time for the super group to jump into the digital downloads market.

Is the deal all but signed? Not at all, anything could happen with Yoko Ono in the final hours of the rumored deal, but it appears to be a move in the right direction. We’ll know more by tomorrow afternoon.