Chuck Fitch, Notorious 'EBayIsAJoke' Troll, Possibly Outed By News

Kim LaCapria

Chuck Fitch may be the man known as "EBayIsAJoke," a notorious eBay troll despised for his horrible treatment of other site users.

Fitch's alleged EBayIsAJoke trolling isn't super serious business, but it does ruin the site experience for many hardworking small business owners -- if Chuck is the man responsible for the "trolling."

The unmasking of EBayIsAJoke came from a local "hall of shame" investigation by MyFoxDetroit. A reporter from the site tracked down the man they believe to be behind the high-level trolling -- Fitch -- and asked him about the practice of interfering with eBay commerce.

The Daily Dot explains that Fitch is accused of creating a massive and enduring hassle for people just trying to hawk their wares on eBay, saying:

"According to Wolcheck, Ebayisajoke's ruse is to target small business owners, outbid all other potential buyers on their page, then not pay—keeping them from making a sale. Then, to top it off, he gives them a bad review, hurting their chances at future business."

Gawker was a bit less impressed with not only the network's sleuthing, but the allegations against the notorious eBay troll:

"The story is: some overweight Detroit dude named Charles Fitch goes by the name 'Ebayisajoke' online. He wears an Anonymous mask and picks fights with Ebay sellers by bashing their businesses in the feedback section even if their businesses are good. He has been known to photoshop mocking images of a New Jersey eBay seller named Hubcap Joe, apparently his mortal enemy."

You can watch the reveal of EBayIsAJoke, or Chuck Fitch, in the clip above. Have you had a run in with a bad eBay buyer or seller?