Report: YouTube sensation Messy Mya shot to death in New Orleans?

Reports have been circulating overnight that the 22-year-old YouTube star “Messy Mya” was shot to death in New Orleans last night after attending his girlfriend’s baby shower.

The rumor, which also states that Twitpic photos of the injured man circulated on Twitter just after the shooting, has not been confirmed by any local news sources. However, Messy Mya’s Twitter feed has gone silent, and many people have retweeted one of his final tweets, which is a bit creepy in the context of rumors of his death:

#randonthought [sic] I wounder what people be thinkin bout just before they are bout to die

On YouTube, Messy Mya has just over three million total upload views. And while the rumors of his death began somewhere around six hours ago, that’s also the time of the last login to his channel. Bear in mind that not only has their not been an official announcement on his channel or Twitter feed, but none of the links to Messy Mya’s death photos seem to lead to actual photos of the YouTube star, so their existence is very possibly apocryphal.