Lindsay Lohan’s ‘The Canyons’ Continues To Struggle At The Box Office

Lindsay Lohan’s The Canyons is currently in its second week of release. Unfortunately for the actress, the film is currently her biggest flop to-date.

To be fair, the film was only released in a handful of theaters. The folks at IFC Films previously stated that they expected to make the majority of their cash through digital downloads and VOD. Considering the film’s current box office total, that’s probably a good thing.

According to the Daily Mail, Lindsay Lohan’s erotic thriller The Canyons has only generated around $30,000 in ticket sales since opening two weeks ago. The film reportedly cost around $250,000 to produce. Despite the buzz surrounding the flick ahead of its release, it still couldn’t find an audience.

Not even morbid curiosity could separate moviegoers from their hard-earned money. It would appear that Lindsay Lohan is more of a spectacle than a box-office draw. People might be willing to watch her for free on Lifetime, but coughing up the price of a ticket is another matter altogether.

Reviews of Bret Easton Ellis and Paul Schrader’s The Canyons haven’t been great. Although most critics didn’t have a problem dragging the flick across the coals, Variety famously compared Lindsay Lohan to Marlon Brandon.

Here’s an excerpt from the piece in question:

The major exception is Lohan, who gives one of those performances, like Marlon Brando’s in Last Tango in Paris, that comes across as some uncanny conflagration of drama and autobiography. Lohan may not go as deep or as far as Brando, but with her puffy skin, gaudy hoop earrings and thick eye makeup, there’s a little-girl-lost quality to the onetime Disney teen princess that’s very affecting. Whenever she’s onscreen, she projects a sense of just barely holding on to that precarious slide area in the shadow of the Hollywood sign.

Although reports suggested that Ben Affleck was interested in securing Lohan for his next big-screen project, those rumors turned out to be false. The only thing the Argo director offered the actress was a bit of advice on staying clean and sober in Hollywood.

Are you surprised that Lindsay Lohan’s The Canyons tanked at the box office? Do you think the film will find an audience on VOD?

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