2010 Texas Rangers season in review

What can we say about the 2010 American League Champions? They spent 136 days in first place, won their division after building an 11 game lead through the fall, but really kind of struggled through the season. The key month here is June where they went 21-6; otherwise their, monthly win/loss record was right around .500. They were just 32-25 against the other three teams of the American League West, but had a 14-4 record in inter league play. They won just 90 games, but they have proven just getting to the post season should be the goal, once there anything can happen.

The Texas offense did score 787 runs, and that was the 4th best number among the 14 AL teams. Their team BA was an American League best .276, and they struck out 986 times and drew 511 walks. This means they did not waste a lot of at bats, and when an offense can get on base good things tend to happen. Three of their regular nine starters hit better than .300, and two of those men (Josh Hamilton and Vladimir Guerrero) each drove in more than 100 runs.

Of course this team was helped by the mid season trade for Cliff Lee. However he did go just 4-6 with a 3.98 ERA for the Rangers. As a staff they had the third best staff ERA at 3.93 in the American League. They struck out 1,181 batters, which was the fourth best number in the AL. They issued just 551 walks, and gave up 1,355 hits. Of those only 687 crossed home plate. Their closer, Neftali Feliz, converted 40 saves and had a 2.73 ERA.

While 2010 was a great year, with new ownership in place and a financial up swing due to their deep post season run, the Rangers can spend more money on their payroll. They spent some 86 million in 2010, and that number is sure to go up. If they can spend it in the right way this could be a very good team for a very long time.

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