Windows Phone 7 Devices At AT&T Require Special “Certified” MicroSD Cards

In a statement released by AT&T on Friday the company announced that current Windows Phone 7 devices, including the recently released Samsung Focus, require special “certified” microSDHC cards. The announcement comes after the realization that standard microSDHC cards are not yet supported by the mobile OS found on Windows Phone 7 Smartphones.

According to AT&T users will be able to do a one-time storage upgrade once the new “Certified for Windows Phone 7” cards arrive in stores.

The wireless company said the cards are faster than standard microSDHC cards and that the “optimal performance” is necessary for use on the new higher-end devices.

While standard microSDHC cards have been shown to work, issues arise when they begin to run unacceptably slow, leading to damaged data which makes the cards unusable in other devices.