Terry Dunlap: Gun Safety Instructor Shoots Student In Concealed Carry Class Gone Wrong

Terry Dunlap, a 73-year-old gun safety instructor, shot a 26-year-old student in his class near Lancaster, Ohio. That’s a pretty big oopsy for the owner of a shooting range and gun training center.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, 29 students were present in the class for training to qualify for concealed carry. But maybe they didn’t get the lesson they expected when Dunlap pulled out the handgun and accidentally fired a.38 caliber bullet into Michael Piemonte’s right arm.

A gracious Piemonte said he felt lucky and was just glad that the bullet didn’t hit his wife, who was sitting right next to him. He also pointed out that there were several nurses taking the daylong gun safety class, so he didn’t have to wait long for expert medical attention.

Apparently Dunlap will be just fine too. He’s some sort of small town politician described as a longtime Violet Township trustee.

So far, he hasn’t offered a comment. And maybe he won’t be offering one. He’s reportedly running for re-election. And of course his gun safety classes might be more credible without too much attention being paid to accidental student shootings.

But Cleveland.com said that Piemonte thinks that Terry Dunlap didn’t know the gun was loaded.

No charges have been filed. The shooting was clearly an accident, and that’s what the police report said.

But does everyone in Ohio get a pass when they hurt somebody in an accident? Or do only local politicians escape negligence charges?

Several posters on the Columbus Dispatch site have noted that all people handling guns are supposed to treat them like they’re loaded unless they’re 100 percent sure that they’re not. That’s gun safety 101.

I’m not sure what to think. I’d love to hear your comments, especially if you’re from the area.

Would anyone get the same treatment as Terry Dunlap? Or did the gun safety instructor who shot his own student get a little bit lucky here?

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