Boyfriend Catches Suicidal Girl After She Jumps From Balcony [Video]


A young woman attempted to commit suicide from her apartment balcony, only to have her boyfriend catch and save her.

The incident occurred in Harbin, China, when the 20-year-old and her beau got into a heated argument that came to an end when she threatened to jump from her balcony.

She then climbed outside and crawled out onto a washing line, leaving herself in a perilous situation.

Her boyfriend then leapt into action and ran downstairs to their neighbors, who then allowed him to hang out of their window whilst he pleaded for her to come down, where they could settle their squabble in a more amicable manner.

Witnesses soon gathered on the ground too, as well as in the adjacent apartment block, and in the flats surrounding the dangling woman, which was in the Daoli district of Harbin, Heilongjiang province.

They all attempted to cajole the woman down alongside her boyfriend, and begged and pleaded for her to climb back inside.

Eyewitnesses have since told various Chinese media outlets that the wire soon buckled under her weight and wobbled so intensely that she actually fell and looked destined to drop to her death.

Fortunately, she was then caught by her boyfriend. However, she then shouted at him to let her go, before neighbors and firefighters helped to pull her in and save her life.

The neighbors held onto the boyfriend, and without them he would probably have been unable to hold onto the suicidal woman. Firefighters then were able to take over the situation and they managed to pull the woman, her boyfriend, and the neighbors to safety.

It’s unknown whether or not the duo were able to solve their argument in a more calm and collected manner once she returned inside. You can watch a clip of the incident above.