Chrissy Teigen Doesn't Wear Underwear On Fashion Police Or Anywhere Else, She Says [Video]

So Chrissy Teigen doesn't wear underwear. That's nice. Especially since she appeared on Fashion Police on Friday wearing a thigh-high hem that left very little of her lengthy legs to the imagination.

In fact, the model wasn't wearing underwear on the show. That's how the whole discussion got started, since she had to squirm around in her seat to find a decent position to keep from flashing the hosts.

And co-host George Kotsiopoulos was delighted to vouch for the truth of Chrissy Teigen's no underwear claim.

"I got a nice view," he said with a smile.

But along comes Fashion Police host Joan Rivers to spoil the fantasy. She wanted to know what the 27-year-old Sports Illustrated model does during that time of the month. You know, if there's a really heavy flow.

Thanks for being the troll who ruins the dream, Ms. Rivers.


Chrissy Teigen appeared to be perfectly willing to explain how you handle those extra-heavy days without the help of your silk delicates. (Question for Joan Rivers: Is nice underwear really something you want to wear on your red letter days to begin with?)

I will assume that the model was joking when she said that she runs the tampon string, erm, between her cheeks. She may or may not ask an assistant to trim the strings when she's going to appear in a fashion show. My gut said that most of the time she just trims the durn strings herself.

But she's getting a kick out of making the Fashion Police panel squirm.

Be that as it may, Kotsiopoulos wasn't happy to hear the graphic details. In the video he's practically crying like a little girl as he begs the women to knock it off. "TMI, TMI, are we still talking about this?"

Poor guy. His dream is crushed. Heck, so is mine.

You can see the hilarious Chrissy Teigen Fashion Police no underwear video right here:

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