Tim Tebow Does Some Locker Room Evangelizing To Cameraman

Tim Tebow Does Some Locker Room Evangelizing To Cameraman

Tim Tebow may not have had the best debut for the New England Patriots, but the quarterback hasn’t seemed to lost his touch when it comes to proselytizing.

Tebow saw his first extended game action in more than a year and a half this Friday, playing the entire second half in the Patriots preseason game after No. 2 quarterback Ryan Mallett went down with an injury.

In the win, Tebow completed only 4 of his 12 passes for 55 yards, but did lead a potent ground attack for the Patriots. He rushed for 31 carries on four carries and also sparked the team’s other running backs. It was the longest Tebow had been on the field since the 2011 season, when he took over as starter for the Denver Broncos and led the team to an unlikely playoff berth and a Wild Card round win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But as he gained national attention and more than his share of ESPN airtime, Tim Tebow also drew some controversy for his overt displays of his faith. Tebow prayed often and openly, even sparking the “Tebowing” trend after he was spotted taking a knee to pray.

Tim Tebow jumped right back in to his locker room displays of faith after Friday’s game, engaging in a short and light-hearted exchange with a cameraman who took the lord’s name in vain.

Washington Post reporter Kent Babb tweeted about the exchange:

It seems the Patriots have as much faith in TIm Tebow as the quarterback does in Jesus. Coach Bill Beilchick has defied critics by signing the hard-running quarterback, insisting that the team will keep him at quarterback instead of converting him to tight end or H-back.