Dufnering Is Back In Vogue After Jason Dufner’s PGA Championship Win

Dufnering was all the rage for a few minutes back in March when golfer Jason Dufner was captured on camera sulking against the wall of a classroom while paying a visit to some school kids.

But not many people are laughing now after Dufner completed an unlikely finish at the PGA Championship, holding off Jim Furyk to win his first major ever. Dufner nearly won the PGA Championship two years ago, but a collapse down the stretch dropped him out of contention.

Again on Sunday Jason Dufner nearly played his way out of the lead, hitting bogeys on both of his final holes, but it was still enough to beat Furyk. Dufner is known as a pretty reserved player on the golf course — fitting with the seemingly disinterested Dufnering pose he struck back in March.

But winning the Wanamaker Trophy did elicit some emotion from him.

“But those sports are a little more exciting — big plays in basketball, home runs in baseball, big plays in football. That will get you pumped up,” he said. “For me, golf is a little bit more boring. I hit it in the fairway or I didn’t. Usually I’m struggling with the putter, so there’s not too much to get excited about with that.”

But even after his big victory, people still haven’t seemed to forget about Dufnering. The phrase was a trending topic on Yahoo! on Monday and mentioned in a number of Twitter posts. The win seemed to give Dufnering a second life that other gone-in-a-moment trends like owling and planking never got to enjoy.

On Monday ESPN reporter Hannah storm tweeted a picture of the crew Dufnering on the set.

Stuart Scott also got in on the Dufnering fun.

Jason Dufner seemed to have a good sense of humor about the Dufnering trend when it first came out, but with his first major PGA Tour win under his belt it’s likely a lot easier to take the ribbing.