Mayim Bialik Divorce: ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Star Explains Her Blog

Mayim Bialik’s divorce may be finalized, but that doesn’t mean people are done scrutinizing it. The Big Bang Theory star has gone into detail about why she blogged about the split.

Ever since the star of Blossom came back in the ultra popular comedy that made Jim Parsons famous, she has been in the spotlight more than ever. And it’s not just because Mayim Bialik’s character Amy Farrah Fowler happens to be in a relationship with Parson’s Sheldon Cooper. From her divorce to her child-rearing habits, and her Emmy nomination for the now-famous role, she has become a center of attention.

After Mayim Bialik revealed that divorce is not fun, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, she told Access Hollywood why she blogged about it:

“I wanted to write about some of the more complicated aspects. And specifically, also, there’s certain things [related] to Jewish divorce that people don’t know about.”

One of those things, Mayim Bialik revealed, was that the Jewish religion requires you to become divorced twice. A part of the process, she explains, is something called a “Get,” where you sit in a room with your ex-spouse-to-be and watch as the document is filled out. The document itself is thousands of years old, and she calls it helpful as a powerful form of closure.

Mayim Bialik explained the process further, “To me, it was a very cathartic, very emotionally powerful sense of closure for us. It’s very intense. So I wrote for Kveller about some of those aspects in hopes to kind of maybe [be] helpful to other people or other women.”

Since the divorce, Mayim Bialik has been spending time promoting STEM, which is a part of Texas Instruments, as a spokesperson. Much like her character in The Big Bang Theory, she spends a lot of time promoting the sciences for kids, making her almost a natural to play the love interest for a man so deeply entrenched in the same things.

What do you think of Mayim Bialik’s divorce blog explanation? Has it cleared anything up for you like she hopes?

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