Hyperloop Plans Will Be Released Today From Elon Musk

Later today, Elon Musk is expected to release detailed information regarding his Hyperloop travel system. Although he recently announced that he regrets having ever mentioned the Hyperloop, he will still follow through on his promise and release plans for the system on Monday.

The Hyperloop should provider faster travel than an airplane while costing less than the bullet train that California currently wants to build. Although the general idea sounds great, people have had to speculate as to how the system works.

During the Tesla earnings call on Thursday, Musk verified that plans would come out on Monday but that SpaceX and Tesla are currently more important than the Hyperloop. Although Tesla is at the forefront of Musk’s brain, he did mention that,while it is not currently in his plans to build it, he would consider taking on the project with involvement from Tesla.

With Tesla already providing Elon Musk with millions each year and its continuous growth in the sustainable transportation market, expanding its operations to include the Hyperloop is plausible.

Following Tesla’s earnings call, Musk’s personal wealth grew by $570 million as a result of Tesla’s stock rising by 14 percent. Considering that he is one of the wealthiest men in America, a billion dollar project like the Hyperloop may end up fitting into his future quite nicely.

One of the best aspects of Elon Musk’s hyperloop is that all of the plans for the system will be released for anyone to see. Since he does not currently have plans to build it, someone could easily take on his plans and invest money to have it built.

Since the first Hyperloop would likely stretch across California, more inter-connected systems would have to be built in order for it to become an international mode of travel. Since Tesla and Elon Musk will be hard-pressed to build everything, other companies will definitely need to be involved.

Coverage of the Hyperloop will be continued later today on The Inquisitr once the plans are released.