Usain Bolt Summons Lightning Strike After Victory At World Championships

Dan Evon

Usain Bolt is back at the top of the running world.

The world's fastest man reclaimed the 100 meter title today at the world championships in Moscow.

Bolt, who finished his sprint today in just 9.77 seconds, lost the 100 meter title two years ago when he was disqualified after a false start in South Korea.

Bolt said: "For me to come in and regain my title, it's always great to be back... I came out here just to execute and get it right and to win. That's what I do."

It was a rainy today in Moscow and the wet track may have slowed Bolt down a bit. The runner finished.19 seconds slower than his world record time but still managed to beat Justin Gatlin and Nesta Carter by a couple of steps.

The stormy weather made it a difficult race for Bolt and his fellow runners but it also provided one of the most memorable moments of the day.

Shortly after Bolt reclaimed his title, as he was running a victory lap around the stadium, a sudden bust of lighting flashed overhead.

— NBC Sports (@NBCSports) August 11, 2013

Bolt will have his 200 meter heats on Friday and he's hoping to close the World Championships with a gold medal in the 4x100 relay on Sunday.