Rosario Dawson Opens Up About Mastering Her ‘Crack Walk’

Rosario Dawson is hoping that you enjoy her performance in the upcoming drama Gimme Shelter. She’s also hoping that you’re impressed with her “crack walk.”

Although she’s only around 10 years older than co-star Vanessa Hudgens, the Kids alum plays her mother in writer-director Ron Krauss’ upcoming endeavor. In order to completely master the role, Dawson told Elle magazine that she had to make sure she had the mannerisms down pat.

“Well, you’ve got to get your crack-walk down. I live in New York, so I’ve been accidentally studying that for my whole life. It was really hard! She’s the exact opposite of me. She really is a victim of everything in her life and circumstance and doesn’t take any responsibility for anything,” the actress said.

She added, “You really have to embody that and believe it. It was difficult and painful. After filming, a whole 24 hours later, I was taking a shower and washing my face, and I realized I was grimacing. It was hard to get that out of my system.”

Based on a true story, Gimme Shelter tells the story of a teenager (Vanessa Hudgens) who sets out to find her father in New York City. In addition to the Rosario Dawson and the High School Musical star, the film also features Brendan Fraser, James Earl Jones, and Emily Meade.

Dawson currently has a number of films in the works. The actress is all set to reprise her role as Gail in Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Although the film was originally scheduled to arrive this year, it was ultimately bumped to next summer.

The Clerks II star will also appear alongside Ryan Reynolds and Scott Speedman in acclaimed director Atom Egoyan’s Queen of the Night. The thriller, which tells the story of a father searching for his kidnapped daughter, should arrive next year.

Are you a fan of Rosario Dawson? Do you plan to catch Gimme Shelter in theaters?

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