Kim Kardashian And Kanye West: North West’s Baby Photos Are Being Shopped

Kim Kardashian and Kanye west are hoping to fetch upwards of $3 million for their baby photos of North West.

While some celebrities in recent months have chosen to share their photos for free, you know for the love of their child, the fame whores are hard at work shopping their baby’s photos around.

According to several reports, Kardashian and West are hoping that their baby’s photos will cause a bidding war that will push up the cost of the pictures.

One insider says the couple thought about selling the photos and donating the money to charity. Kanye and Kim ultimately decided against giving a worthwhile charity cold hard cash.

So who has the upper hand in the North West baby photo battle? Sources say Vanity Fair is the couple’s first choice for publication.

Given Kim Kardashian And Kanye West’s ties to the fashion world, Vanity Fair definitely makes sense. After all, who else could sell a $120 plain white t-shirt and then turn around and feature their baby in a fashion mag?

The other option would be for the couple to go the Beyonce and Jay-Z route and release a homemade pic on social media.

The famous couple aren’t exactly hurting for cash. Estimates have put their combined personal wealth at $130 million.

Even if the West-Kardashian baby doesn’t end up in sold photos, we will likely get our first glimpse as Kim Kardashian continues to rule the reality TV world.

Do you think a publication would be silly to spend $3 million to purchase North West’s baby photos?