Adele Joins The Secret Service? Singer To Make Film Debut In Samuel L. Jackson Movie [Rumor]


Adele is reportedly set to make her film debut in a new movie starring Samuel L. Jackson and Colin Firth.

According to Entertainment Wise, the singer has been cast as a villain in the new movie The Secret Service.

Director Mathew Vaughn is reportedly looking for some big names outside of the acting world to fill various roles in the movie and believes that Adele would make a perfect villain.

A source said: “Adele is exactly what (director) Matthew Vaughn is looking for… He wants the highest-profile names in various fields to boost the film’s cause and turn it into a mega-money franchise.”

Adele is an interesting choice for a movie villain but she isn’t the only unique name being tossed about by Matthew Vaughn. The director is also reportedly looking to cast Elton John and David Beckham in the new movie.

The Secret Service, which is based on a graphic novel by Mark Millar (Kick-Ass) is set to start filming early next year. Elton, Beckham and Adele are not official members of the cast yet.

Adele has never acted in a major motion picture before but the singer has already seen some incredible success in the world of film. In 2012, she won an Oscar for the song Skyfall.

Would you like to see Adele in a new movie? Do you think she would make a good villain?

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