Hannah Anderson Alive: James DiMaggio Killed [Video]


Hannah Anderson, 16, was found alive and well in Idaho on Saturday evening.

Her abductor, James Lee DiMaggio,40, was shot and killed by an FBI tactical team.

Now that DiMaggio is dead, there are many questions that may never be answered.

For example: Was DiMaggio directly responsible for the fire at his home that killed Hannah’s mother Christina Anderson and younger brother Ethan?

Did DiMaggio resist arrest or put up a fight? Was he even armed? Nothing so far has been reported about any firearms or other weapons he might have had when the ‘confrontation’ occurred.

Did Hannah leave the San Diego area voluntarily with the man said to be “like an uncle” to her? Did she even know her mother and brother had been killed?

Hundreds of local, state, and federal police agents were involved in the search for the pair.They were eventually spotted by a horseback rider camped at Morehead Lake.

The rider met Hannah and DiMaggio on the wilderness trail and recognized them from TV news reports. He called the Amber Alert tip line when he got home

San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore told a press conference:”Obviously we would’ve liked Mr. DiMaggio to surrender and face justice in the court of law but that’s not going to be the case.”

Mary Rook, spokeswoman for the FBI’s office in Salt Lake City, said: “Now that Hannah is safe and being evaluated in a medical facility, FBI victim specialists are working with Hannah and her family to get them the resources they need as they enter this next challenging phase of this incident.”

She added: “As a matter of policy, the FBI automatically dispatches a shooting review team from Washington to review the circumstances surrounding any situation where an FBI agent discharges a firearm.”

Ms, Rook continued: “The team will interview witnesses and determine exactly what happened. For this reason, no other details can be released at this time….when incidents like these occur, no one ever really knows where the investigation will lead. In this case, our team faced a very challenging.

Hannah Anderson will be reunited with her father as soon as possible.