Colt McCoy is the answer for the Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns beat the New England Patriots 34-14 last Sunday, and there are two big reasons why. The biggest is of course RB Peyton Hillis who rushed the ball 29 times for 184 yards and two TD’s. Of course a great running game is a young QB’s best friend, so Hillis is making life a heck of a lot easier for Colt McCoy who is starting to turn heads as the guy most deserving of the starting job with the Browns.

It is pretty funny as both of these guys really should be on other teams. Colt McCoy should have been drafted at the bottom of the first round in 2010 by the Minnesota Vikings. Hillis is another one of the cast offs being hurled away from the Denver Broncos by their head coach Josh McDaniels.

I don’t want to oversell McCoy here as he did go 14-19 for 174 and no TD’s. Of course that looks a lot better when we remember he did not throw an INT last week. All he has done is manage the game for his team, and in the process knocked off the New Orleans Saints and New England Patriots. The Browns are on a two game winning streak, and they have found a one two punch that could be successful for years to come.

In McCoy and Hillis the Browns have the nucleus of a winning team that can be added to. They already have Joshua Cribbs, and now their goal should be to put as many pieces around them as they can. The Browns certainly are not back yet, but for the first time since their rebirth it looks like they got the right people in charge, the right QB, and for all those Browns Backers out there the future looks very bright indeed.

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