Birthers Still Exist, Met President Obama In Florida Saturday

Obama birthers

President Obama was in Florida Saturday for a speech, but the welcome wagon probably wasn’t what he was expecting. A large gathering of birthers showed up to protest the POTUS ahead of his speech with signs that read “Obama lies” and “Kenyan Go Home.”

A White House pool report says that President Obama’s motorcade pulled into the Hilton Orlando where the Disabled American Veterans are holding a convention. The motorcade passed roughly 50 protesters, “many of them older and most of them white,” on both sides of the street.

They were holding signs with birther slogans and called for President Obama’s impeachment.

During his actual speech, his last before going on vacation, President Obama told veterans that his administration had made progress to reduce the backlog of disability claims.

The Veterans Affairs Department has started working processors overtime and have transitioned to a new, speedier computer system. Roughly 780,000 claims are pending, and 500,000 are backlogged. This is down from about 611,000 in March.

A claim is considered backlogged if it has been in the system for more than 125 days, or roughly four months. So naturally, President Obama’s speech was meant to ease veteran concerns over the fed’s poor handling of their disability claims.

BuzzFeed’s Andrew Kaczynski was able to nab a Reuters photo of the protesters outside of the Hilton, and posted it to Twitter.

It’s really kind of amazing how old-fashioned these birthers are. These are like circa 2008 birthers. Any birther worth a salt now knows that the new controversy is over President Obama’s school records, and that the new theory is that he’s Indonesian, not Kenyan. *sigh*

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