Man Cuts Off Testicle During Argument With Wife

A Chinese man had such a heated argument with his wife that he decided the only way to end their dispute was to cut off one of his testicles.

The incident occurred on August 3, and the only known information about the individual is that his surname isn Tang. The man was admitted to the Luzhi Suzhou City People’s Hospital with a missing testicle, but he is expected to survive.

The hospital has since released more information regarding the ordeal. Mr Tang, who is 38-year-old and hails from northern China but now works in Suzhou as an electrician, got into an argument with Mrs Tang over his income.

Mr Tang’s salary is reportedly only 2,000 yuan per month, which equates to just $21.76. He went on to state that it wasn’t enough to support his family, which consisted on his wife and two children.

Mrs Tang had grown so tired of their living situation, which means that they had to live in rental accommodation, that she embarked on an argument with her husband, that had an unexpectedly grisly conclusion.

Mrs Tang told her husband that she would now only have sex with Mr Tang just once a year until he finally bought her a home.

The Tangs continued to have arguments for several weeks, until August 2, when their disagreement escalated to such an extent that Mr Tang grabbed his razor and then cut off one of his testicles in protest.

He was then rushed to the local hospital, the Luzhi Suzhou City People’s Hospital, where doctors were able to stitch him up, stop the blood from seeping out, and then get him into a stable condition.

Recently there has been several stories that revolve around the abuse of male genitalia, which has seen a bride’s family cut off the groom’s penis because of their interfaith wedding and a Chinese woman kill her boyfriend by squeezing his testicles.

[Image via maxriesgo/Shutterstock]