August 9, 2013
A Surgeon’s Wife Requirements: Possibly The Craziest E-Mail Ever

We all have things we look for in our potential partners and those things vary from person to person or if you are male or female.

But in what appears to be one of the craziest e-mails ever received, an anonymous surgeon lists some very specific things he is looking for in a potential wife.

He's willing to pay whoever introduces him to the perfect woman, in cash…or Botox.

Yes. You heard right, Botox. But the reason he is willing to do so is that his requirements are almost impossible to meet by anybody alive.

After a networking event in New Jersey, the self-proclaimed number one surgeon in the Northeastern United States, sent a lengthy e-mail to everyone he had met, listing all the things he was looking for in a woman.

This man appears to be so successful that he doesn't attend conferences to learn and network, but to meet women.

Whoever sets him up with this ideal (in his eyes) woman, will get cash, Juvederm, Botox, or LASEK (in one eye only) depending on how successful the set-up is. What? Lasex. In one eye. What does that do for anybody?

Marc Ensign, was one of the recipients of the ridiculous e-mail and he shared it on his website,

And it's a good thing, because as word gets out, this is certain to create all kinds of buzz.

Now if we could only find out who the mystery surgeon is.

Here is the list received by Ensign.

1. Spent significant time (+ 1 yr) living in a city of 1 million or more.

2. Highly functional Type B (not a Type A because too similar, not a Type B who can't get stuff done)

3. Skinny (i.e. dress size 0-2, if you don't know what that means (many men don't) it means very skinny)

4. Never does bad things because of values.

5. Spent significant time in another country other than the US (either born somewhere else or lived out of the US for a total of a 6 months or more, not on a vacation, doing something like school or work)

6. Graduate degree or very good undergraduate school (more compatible since I went to three Ivy League schools. Dartmouth, Columbia & Harvard, as well as Emory and my MBA from NYU)

7. Wants kids in the next 1-2 years.

8. An 8 out of the 1-10 scale -- 9-10 is actually bad as it comes with a lot of downside.

9. Caucasian (not black, not Hispanic, not Asian)

10. Altruistic, selfless.

11. Gets along well with everyone.

If you know of anyone who meets these crazy wife requirements let us know. It would be fun to set him up just to see what happens.

But we seriously doubt that any such person exists out there. Obviously, this guy doesn't understand the concept of chemistry. He's asking for all these frivolous things, but what if he finds the woman that meets his "strict" demands and they don't get along?

A surgeon is supposed to be smart, right? Then why would this particular one send such an insanely absurd message to anyone, let alone several people he just met?


To read the full-length e-mail visit Marc

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