Harrison Ford Hasn’t Seen The Expendables Movies [Video]

Harrison Ford Expendables 3

Harrison Ford hasn’t seen any of the Expendables movies, but that doesn’t mean he won’t he able to show up and growl through his Expendables 3 lines with perfect menace anyway.

Ford confirmed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that he will indeed be in the upcoming Sylvester Stallone film, but added that he actually hasn’t seen The Expendables or The Expendables 2.

Kimmel asked if he had seen the previous two films, to which Ford replied “Why… why would I?” He then noted that he’s “trying to find time” to catch up on the film series, but didn’t understand what it “has to do” with his involvement in the third.

“Do you want to know what happens? I can tell you and catch you right up… ” Kimmel responded.

“Nah, no,” Ford replied. “I don’t care what it is.”

Kimmel then changed gears to talk about Ford’s upcoming film Paranoia, which co-stars Gary Oldman.

“Well you have a new movie that you probably don’t care about, also. It’s called Paranoia. True?”

Ford insisted that he does care “a lot about that” because “that’s why I’m here.”

The veteran actor also talked a bit about his experience on the set of Anchorman 2, bemoaning his “one day” on the set. He said that he didn’t know who anyone was and still doesn’t know, but regards “what we did there” as “clearly unreleasable.”

Oh, and he hasn’t seen the first Anchorman, either.

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