August 9, 2013
Anthony Weiner Mocks British Interviewer, And It's Just Painfully Awkward [Video]

Anthony Weiner's mayoral race is going just awesomely.

Oh, just kidding. It's falling apart faster than you can text "send me a picture of your boobs" and it seems that Weiner's former charm, drive and really everything else appealing about him has gone with it.

To wit, he recently granted an interview to ITV's Lucy Watson, but instead of trying to salvage his public image, he ignored her serious questions, mocked her British accent, and made a lame Monty Python reference.

"It's hard to take you seriously," he said in response to a question about why he's still sticking with his mayoral campaign. This response comes after a long and awkward pause during which I was 90 percent sure Weiner was going to punch someone in the face.

Watson maintained her professionalism, and asked Anthony Weiner a pretty good question about his "hunger" for the mayor's chair of New York City. He didn't take the question very seriously.

"I just have a feeling I've like stepped into a Monty Python bit... 'I don't know would anything stop me?' Now is a rock going to fall on my head?" he said.

He then extended his insulting tirade to ITV in general. "Is there anything else I can do for ITV? Do you want me to do the weather or something?"

It was a pretty bad day for Weiner and the press over all. Earlier, he ran into an NBC News reporter and asked "What are you working on?"

The reporter said he was following Weiner's campaign, to which he responded, "Dude, you got to get a hobby."

He also said that he regards the press as "just one big cuddly collection of humanity," adding, "I think of you all fondly."

You can watch the video of Anthony Weiner being rude to ITV's Lucy Watson above, for whatever it's worth.