Sons Of Anarchy Trailer Sees SAMCRO ‘Cut In Half’ [Video]

Sons of Anarchy has dropped its first full trailer for Season 6, which debuts on September 10. It’s not too heavy on the spoilers, but it definitely sets the tone for what we can expect as the third act of Kurt Sutter’s biker drama revs up.

The end of Season 5 left quite a few main characters in extremely crappy situations. Ron Perlman’s Clay is off to prison and has a hit out on him, and you get some sense that he’s terrified for his life from the trailer.

Similarly, Tara was arrested at the end of last season and goes all Orange is the New Black in Season 6. You only catch a glimpse at her (and her new lice-proof hair!) in the promo, but it definitely looks like she’s not fitting in well.

Beyond that, there are shots of Jax lamenting that his club has been “cut in half” since the events of last season. Indeed, it seems that despite all the strate-gery he has employed as SAMCRO’s president, and how cunningly he has been managing external threats, there are wounds within his gang that are probably too deep for him to heal.

To wit, the final scene of the trailer is a stylized shot of current SAMCRO members beating the snot out of each other in slow motion.

There are also a ton of scenes suggesting that Nero’s relationship with the club has become even more active than last season. He’s shown a couple of times hanging out with SAMCRO while they beat the crap out of people.

Lastly, Donal Logue’s mysterious Lee Toric is back making Otto’s life pure hell, and Sutter has suggested in other interviews that he has a long con in mind for the character. Is this Laertes of the Hamlet mythology?

Who knows, but it’s all going forward September 10, and not necessarily to a happy ending, according to the creator:

“Will it be a happy ending? No, but I do think that there will be something hopeful about the way it ends.”

Classic Sutter.

Check out the trailer for Sons of Anarchy Season 6 below, and let us know what you think!