Plane Crashes Into Connecticut Homes

A small plane has crashed into two East Haven, Connecticut, homes. Emergency crews from several area agencies have responded to the scene.

Authorities with the FAA have confirmed that the Rockwell International Turbo Commander 690B plane originated at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey.

The plane was reportedly approaching the Tweed-New Haven Airport when the crash occurred.

As reported by NBC News, there were several children in one of the homes. The other home was reportedly vacant at the time of the crash. The number and ages of those injured are unknown.

Fox News reports that a woman at the scene stated her children, age 1 and 13, were inside one of the homes.

Witnesses report that they head a loud noise, followed by a large fire. They describe a slowly burning fire that was out-of-control within minutes.

Authorities arrived on scene within 10 minutes. Neighbors in the immediate area have been asked to evacuate as they attempt to assess the situation.

The plane was owned by Ellumax Leasing LLC of Washington. Ellumax has not commented on the situation.

Plane Crash

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy made a statement, conforming that two bodies were found at the scene. The bodies were reportedly located inside one of the homes, in the basement.


Authorities report that the crash and fire have made it difficult to look for survivors. They are unsure how many people are still missing. East Haven Fire Chief Douglas Jackson stated that officials “presume there is going to be a very bad outcome.”

Neighbor David Esposito states that he heard the plane crash. He ran outside and could hear a woman screaming. He went into her house to try to help, but was unable to find her children.

As the home filled with smoke, Esposito dragged the woman out of her house.

The plane crash in Connecticut is a tragedy for the entire community.

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