Woman Stabs Man In The Butt At McDonalds

According to police, a woman stabbed a man in the butt at McDonalds on Friday. While sitting in their respective cars at the McDonald’s drive-thru, Rebecca Simmons, 45, kept trying to get in front of Mohammad Abukhder, 35.

The two began to argue and Abukhder started yelling obsceneties at Simmons because she would not stop trying to get in front of him in the line. Simmons eventually got even angrier than Abukhder and got out of her car, walked over to Abukhder’s car, and rammed a knife into the hood of his Honda Civic.

Shocked, Abukhder got out his car and went over to Simmons in order to remove her keys from the car to prevent her from leaving. While attempting to get over to the car, Simmons came from behind him and stabbed Abukhder in his butt.

The attack left him with a small puncture wound which did not require medical attention but did result in Simmons being taken to jail. Between the damage to Abukhder’s care–equal to $200–and the stabbing, Simmons is facing multiple charges but was able to get out of jail on a $8,000 bail.


In total, Simmons was arrested for criminal mischief with property damage as well as aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Another stabbing occurred this morning in Florida between a husband and wife. The husband stabbed his wife multiple times and then tried to kill himself with his gun.

Both the husband and wife survived and are being treated at a nearby hospital. The wife is in critical condition with no updates so far.