UFL Virginia names its head coach

The sixth UFL team to begin play in UFL season #3 has named its head coach. UFL Virginia (a naming contest is currently underway to give this team its moniker) has named Joe Moglia its head coach. Never heard of Moglia? Well that is not a surprise. Moglia is best known for being the former CEO of TD Ameritrade. However he has a pretty rich history as a football coach. For 16 years he built a very nice football resume, as both the head coach at the University of Delaware and as Defensive Coordinator at Dartmouth. He has also served as a coach/mentor for the University of Nebraska.

His hiring is leading to a lot or rumors that he has bought a stake in the team. So if Jerry Jones can buy a NFL franchise to be General Manger why not let Moglia buy a UFL franchise and coach it. It might sound a little ridiculous, but at the very least Moglia is a football guy, and a guy who wrote a book entitled the perimeter attack offense.

Since the other coaches in this league all have a better football pedigree that Moglia, my first reaction was to slam this move. However after looking into Moglia’s background this might actually be a very astute move by the upstart league. NFL coaching ranks are often filled by coaching retreads as guys who barley was successful with one team get another shot with another.

Bigger than that though, Moglia’s entire football resume will now be created within the UFL. If he is successful it gives the league a great storyline. However given the fact that he will be coaching against guys with considerable NFL experience he may simply be over matched. We have seen guys with lesser coaching resumes (Ted Cottrell and Chris Palmer) struggle in the United Football League. We shall see on this one.

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