Sean Hannity Fired? Megyn Kelly Takes Prime Time Spot Amid Rumors [Video]

sean hannity

Has Sean Hannity been fired? With Megyn Kelly moving into his 9 pm prime time slot many people are speculating that Fox News has fired its longtime anchor.

Fox announced last month that Kelly would be moving to prime time but they didn’t specify when her show would air. News broke today that she would be taking over Sean Hannity’s time slot.

But Fox isn’t planning on giving Hannity a new show at a different time. According to the Next News Network, Fox has fired Sean Hannity.

The network says: “Several high ranking sources in the Television and Radio News industry, speaking on strict anonymity, are reporting today that Sean Hannity has been fired by Fox News and will be replaced by Megan Kelly as the new face of Fox News. Earlier this year Hannity’s ratings took a 35% dive.”

The network cites “several high ranking sources” speaking on anonymity so let’s not call this confirmed just yet.

What is known as that Megyn Kelly is moving to Prime Time and Fox only has a certain amount of spots available. Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, or Greta Van Susteran is going to have to say goodbye to prime time and it looks like Hannity drew the short straw.

This isn’t the only rumor floating around about Hannity’s job status. Last week it was reported that Cumulus Media was dropping both Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity’s radio programs.

Hannity talked about the rumors today on his radio show. The talk show host didn’t give any concrete details about his employment status but he did say that he was “very happy” to see Megyn Kelly move up to prime time.

Hannity said: “Let’s just say in the end I’m very happy. That’s all I can say at this point… Because everybody thinks they know everything and they don’t… It’s pretty funny. I love people speculating. And of course the Hannity haters come out in full force: ‘I hate Hannity. I can’t stand him. He’s dumb. He’s stupid. He’s a right wing nut job.’ I love that, too. And if I wasn’t hated, I wouldn’t be doing my job now would I?”

Do you think Fox will fire Sean Hannity? Do you think Megyn Kelly is ready for prime time?