Keep an eye on your iPhone alarms for daylight savings

Going around the house to change clocks back is set to become one of those things we one day notice we no longer have to do, like using physical checks or driving videos back to the store before it closes.

Most of our timekeeping devices update themselves- cable boxes, laptops, desktops, phones- but one of the most ubiquitous forms of new technology has been responsible for a spate of latenesses in countries where the autumn time change comes earlier in the year. I personally can admit to iPhone related lateness- I sleep with it in my bed and two or three times a year end up dozing atop it, my body muffling the alarm. But this particular issue requires some user action to avoid getting into trouble at work.

CNN explains what you need to do to ensure your iPhone alarm doesn’t flake out Monday:

1. Open the Clock application.

2. Click on the Alarm icon at the bottom of the screen.

3. Click the “plus sign” icon in the top right corner.

4. Create an alarm and make sure you have the “repeat” option set to “never.” (The glitch only occurs with repeat alarms, such as those workers set to wake them up at the same time each weekday).

5. Select the appropriate time and sound, and click “save.”

6. After November 7, you can again create repeat alarms without trouble, but you should delete any recurring alarms that you set before that date, Harrison said.

Apple spokeswoman Natalie Harrison exhibited Apple’s characteristic, “yeah, it’s kinda stupid, so what?” attitude when explaining the glitch:

“We suggest customers set nonrepeating alarms for now and reset after November 7 to resolve the issue,” she told CNN.