Big Brother: Suddenly, Amanda Is A Racist

Big Brother 15 continues to be a den of racism, homophobia, misogyny and lately, child porn. Though it used to be just a select few houseguests, it’s starting to look like ignorance is contagious, like it’s being pumped through the vents or something.

To wit, Amanda Zuckerman, who has confronted Aaryn Gries for her insensitivity in the past, spontaneously started showing signs of racism last week.

Zuckerman, 28-years-old, white, and a real estate agent from Florida, was spotted on the live feed making several offensive remarks about minority cast members in the house.

She complained of one African American roommate’s “nappy-hair head,” called another black co-star “the dark knight” and “the black mamba,” mocked a Korean accent, and made a reference to “Puerto Rican showers.”

But hey, she’s not racist.

“I’m just joking,” she said. “I’ve had sex with Puerto Rican guys before.”

Oh, okay.

Strangely, Zuckerman was previously sort of a champion for cultural and racial respect in the Big Brother house. She was the first one to finally confront Gries and make her aware that there’s just something offensive different about the way she talks.

Now, it seems, she has become infected!

Social media and several publications have become debate forums over Zuckerman’s apparent racism. Even if she isn’t a racist and is just too comfortable she does seem to be flippantly and carelessly throwing pejoratives around, though perhaps not with as much cynicism and disdain as Gries or Zimmerman.

Furthermore, this is just the latest cringe-worthy slice of news to come out of the Big Brother house. Earlier this week, we reported that houseguest Spencer Clawson was caught joking at length about child pornography. He’s being investigated by police right now. Oh, what these folks have waiting for them on the outside.