The Detroit Pistons are in sad shape

The Detroit Pistons have started the new NBA season 0-5. That doesn’t concern me so much, but the signs that this locker room is melting down already truly does. What we have here is a franchise in a state of flux. They are awaiting new ownership to come in and it looks like General Manager Joe Dumars has hired the wrong coach, built the team the wrong way, and essentially failed since trading Chauncey Billups for Allen Iverson.

Things are a mess. Head Coach John Kuester called out his veteran locker room for a lack of leadership. Then Tayshaun Prince called out his head coach after a tough 23 point loss to the Boston Celtics. While that is bad, the situation around Rodney Stuckey is far worse. Last night at Atlanta Kuester called for Stuckey a couple of times and apparently was ignored. This tells me the problems on this team or more than skin deep.

Over the last few years things have not gone well for the Pistons. Their long time owner died, the President left to a rival group that is attempting to purchase the team, the GM has lost his way. The bottom line here is many things need to change. Dumars should be fired, Kuester should be fired, and the roster should be remade.

It seems the real problem here is there is no strong leadership in any part of the organization. Tom Wilson is the man who built this team and he left suddenly for the competition. This left Dumars floundering and since the owner died his wife has simply been trying to sell the team. While I know there is no way a NBA team can lose all 82 games, I bet the Pistons do not win twenty games this season.