Lil Wayne Released From Jail

Rapper Lil Wayne (a.k.a Weezy) has been released from jail after serving eight months of a one-year sentence.

Lil Wayne has been locked up in New York’s Rikers Island prison as part of a plea deal to avoid a longer term behind bars on gun charges. Under the deal, Lil Wayne pleaded guilty for gun possession in exchange for an 8-month term in jail, instead of facing a potential 15 year stint.

Lil Wayne was release from jail at 8:35AM on Thursday morning and friend Mack Maine confirmed that a major bash in his honor will go down this Sunday in Miami.

According to reports, Lil Wayne does not face any subsequent probation or parole from the gun charge, though he is said to be facing three years of unsupervised probation and community service after pleading guilty in Arizona to one count of possession of a dangerous drug.