‘Lone Ranger’ Fallout: Disney Might Strip Bruckheimer Of Final Cut On ‘Pirates’

The Lone Ranger fallout continues with reports that Jerry Bruckheimer may lose final cut rights on Pirates Of The Caribbean 5. This comes after a less than stellar showing for the so-called blockbuster.

The Wrap is reporting exclusively that Disney is in talks with Bruckheimer about his deal for Pirates 5 and will likely strip him of his final cut privileges and limit the budget on the installment.

When a director loses final cut, he doesn’t have say in the editing prior the movie’s release.

Disney is taking between $160 million and $190 million in losses due to Lone Ranger’s poor performance, which they will have to offset in next fiscal quarter.

However, the inside sources say all films will get reviewed to see where money can be saved.

The Lone Ranger fallout continues as the main stars Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer along with Bruckheimer have been blaming US critics for the flop of their film.

Bruckheimer and the Pirates directors will still have $200 million to work with, which is down from $250 million earlier in the project. The franchise has made close to $4 billion worldwide.

The studio is hoping that with directors Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg the project will be invigorated. The franchise’s was previously directed by Gore Verbinski and Rob Marshall.

According to the Hollywood Reporter the studio also took final cut privileges away from Gore Verbinski.

There are also reports that Disney is reviewing their contract with Jerry Bruckheimer, which ends next year.

The script for Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 is still being worked on and the film will see the return of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. The movie is set to be filmed in New Orleans, at least for the interior scenes.

Are you surprised that the fallout from The Lone Ranger flop continues?