Eating Raw Garlic Can Lower Cancer Risks, Study Says

Eating raw garlic at least twice a week may help prevent lung cancer, according to new research conducted in China.

Researchers from the Jiangsu Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention interviewed 1,424 people with lung cancer and 4,543 healthy subjects using a standard questionnaire according to Global News.

The report continues on to say that the study found that eating raw garlic at least twice a week “to be ‘inversely associated’ with the disease.”

CBC News reported “those who ate raw garlic at least twice a week cut the risk of lung cancer by 44 percent, even if they were exposed to high-temperature cooking-oil fumes, which is thought to be another trigger for the disease.”

The Daily Mail continued on to say that even when they allowed for people who smoked, the found garlic still seemed to reduce the dangers by around 30 percent.

The Global Report had the following to say regarding the study:

“The Canadian cancer Society’s Cancer Control Policy Acting Director, Robert Nuttall, said we don’t know if the results are unique to Chinese populations, or if it could apply to the general population. He also notes that the questionnaire used in the study was asking people who had already been diagnosed with lung cancer what their current food consumption is.”

Nuttall continued on to say, “We know that it takes many years for lung cancer to develop, and so it’s not entirely clear what the individuals’ garlic consumption was in the past.”


So is garlic really the best way to avoid lung cancer? Nuttall says no. Like many, Nuttall believes that a balanced diet is a better approach.

“For lung cancer, the number one thing a person can do is not smoke, and we also know that healthy diets… with combinations of fruits and vegetables, can reduce the risk of cancer,” he said. “And garlic is one component of that diet.”

So with the release of this new study, will you be heading out to the grocery store and stocking up on raw garlic?

[Image via Shutterstock/feiyuezhangjie]