‘Naruto’ Fake Trailer Hits YouTube For Geek Week [Video]

A Naruto fake trailer has hit YouTube just in time for Geek Week.

YouTube celebrity Nigahiga is known for his parody videos, and got his boost almost a decade ago by simply being Japanese on YouTube. However, Ryan Higa didn’t rest on just that simple demographic to maintain his fame. The video released this week is a great example of how he combines humor and video editing talent to keep himself on top.

Nigahiga’s latest project was inspired by tons of fans asking him to do a fake trailer for a Naruto movie. He gets a laugh at first by giving an emphatic no, saying that Naruto is much too good a show to spoof, and that’s why he’s never done it. He says it would take so much effort and work, and he’d have to make a full movie if he tried. Of course, this whole intro was only done for the ironic humor when the Naruto fake trailer begins.

The typical green screen appears at the beginning, saying “The following fake trailer has been approved for all audien…” The next line continues, “Ahh, who cares, does anyone even read these things? Seriously.”

The Naruto fake trailer kicks off with some dark red and black swirls as a voiceover starts, “The pain of being alone is like no other. Why me? Why am I always the one that’s different? I look into people’s eyes like I’m some kind of monster. But one day they will acknowledge me. I will keep fighting. I will keep pushing through. I will become the Hokage no matter what, because that is my way of ninja.”

We then see Naruto being confronted by his friends and teachers from the anime, and one of them says, “Naruto, that’s fine, but we just wanted to know where you wanted to eat.”

Naruto replies, “Oh … well … sometimes I feel like ramen, other times it’s rice.”

The parody logos go by, ending with a picture of four ninja master faces on the mountainside much like Mount Rushmore.

The rest of the video is above.

What do you think of the Naruto fake trailer being featured during YouTube’s Geek Week?