Randy Moss is a Titan

At first glance Randy Moss and the Tennessee Titans look to be a perfect fit. They could use a guy to stretch the field, a guy to help open up holes for RB Chris Johnson and make life easier for QB Vince Young. They are also on a bye week so they get some extra time for Randy to come meet the players and learn the offense. If this wasn’t a player with Moss’ reputation it would be a brilliant move. However we must remember that this is Randy’s third team in 2010 and while the Titans are surely better that the Minnesota Vikings, but when does Randy ya know become Randy once more.

Sure Jeff Fisher is one of the best coaches in the NFL today, and sure he runs a tight locker room, but Randy is guy obsessed with the 1998 draft and at some point he will remember that the Titans and Fisher past on him like so many other NFL teams. In fact for the Titans the insult is even worse as the needed a receiver and decided that Kevin Dyson was their man.

Now one of two things can happen here. First, Randy can get some of his fire back that drove him early in his career. That fire of being passed up by teams and his desire to prove them wrong. Of course Randy could continue to dog it on routes, continue to be a cancer in the dressing room, and again act like one Randy Moss.

I like that a team that is playing as well as the Titans making an aggressive move. That move looks even better when we consider they have yet to play four games against their division rivals the Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans. Adding a guy with the potential of Randy Moss surely tips the balance of power in the AFC South, but all of his positives are outweighed by his negatives, at least in my mind.

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