Halo: Reach level cap pushed up

If you’ve already hit the rank of Lt Colonel Grade Three in Halo: Reach, then well done, now get a job like the rest of us, you damn bum. Alternatively, stay unemployed and dust off the controller, because Bungie just lifted the level cap for Halo: Reach.

Bungie had previously promised to raise the bar once 117 million daily and weekly million challenges had been completed. Now that’s been achieved, the big B has opened a new box of treats for hardcore players, as it revealed in a post on its website:

“49 days and more than a few million Challenges later, you’ve totally decapitated the Rank cap in Halo: Reach. That means there are now more kick ass Rank and Armor options available in the Armory than ever before. To help get you suited up into some hot new gear, we’re introducing huge Credit Jackpots for players who routinely finish their games. Because we love you and we want you to have nice things.”

One thing I like about this, even though I don’t play Halo: Reach: rewarding players for finishing their online games. Yes. This is how it should be. As I discussed here, actually.

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[Via press release]