Time Warner loves Netflix’s 28 day delay so much it wants longer delays

If you ever wanted proof of just how moronically stupid the movie industry is just take a gander at this statement from Jeff Bewkes, Chief Executive Officer of Time Warner.

“So far the 28-day window has clearly been a success versus no delay,” Time Warner Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bewkes said today on a conference call. “The question of whether we ought to go longer is very much under scrutiny. It may well be a good idea.”

via Business Week

Let’s just let that sink in for a second.

Yup, he did say that.

Not just happy with making people who want to hand over money to watch a movie wait 28 days under the assumption that this will increase DVD sales it seems they now want to extend beyond that to even longer wait times.

I’m willing to bet that it will have the opposite effect and could end up driving people to actually trying to find alternative ways to watch the movies they want to but without paying anything.

Yup ..smart move Jeff.