Fender reveals release date, price for Rock Band 3’s real guitar

“Yeah, thanks, but I’ll use my time to play a real instrument.”

The above jerkish statement has been jerkishly written on the Internet by jerks since the first Guitar Hero became big. Now, the circle is complete, and said jerks can jerk off: the sublime Rock Band 3 will be getting a real six-string guitar next March, courtesy of Fender.

This Squier Stratocaster guitar has been specifically built for Rock Band 3, and can be used to play the game, or plugged into an amp and played as a standalone guitar. It’s set to make rock gods of us all on on March 1, 2011, and will run you $280. That may seem a lot in the world of fake plastic trees guitars, but it’s competitive in the world of real electric guitars!

When combined with Rock Band 3‘s Pro Mode, this is capable of teaching you to play an actual guitar … not that playing with a fakey in your living room isn’t epic fun as well! Preorders open January 1. In the meantime, here’s a vid:

[Via press release]