This PS3 Slim laptop is a mere $1,500

Can you resist the temptation of owning a PlayStation Slim laptop, even if it did fall from the ugly tree at birth? If not, you may want to direct your gaze here.

This is the work of Ebayer mokosensei, who squeezed the innards of a PS3 Slim into a laptop. The Buy It Now price for one of these angular behemoths: a paltry $1,500 (though actual bidding starts at a slightly more sane $1,100).

If you’re interested, know that this comes with a 250GB hard drive on board, a solid aluminium frame, and a polystyrene top and sides. It also boasts a 19-inch LCD monitor in the lid, 2 USB ports, a HDMI-DVI connection, and built-in speakers.

Furthermore, it will make you the envy of fellow passengers on your morning commute, at least until they realize it weighs a wheeze-inducing 16 pounds. Perhaps that explains the VERY HEAVY BREATHING featured in mokosensei’s demo video:

[Ebay, via technabob]