Verizon Guide Accidentally Confirms Samsung Continuum

Oops, there goes Verizon Wireless accidentally confirming another device on their network. This time a Verizon holiday gift guide let is slip that the Samsung Continuum will be available in time for the holidays.

Take a look at the photo above and you’ll see a small display below the main screen which has been nicknamed “The Ticker” which is an OLED display that provides news feeds, weather updates and other quick data without having to turn on the main power sucking display.

The new device is in the same line as the Samsung Galaxy S with a Super AMOLED screen (rumored), a 1GHz processor and a five megapixel camera.

Electronista believes it will also contain a screen around four inches in size, making it one of the largest Samsung devices to date. It’s also expected to be Samsung’s first Android 2.2 phone.

With a Samsung event on November 8th related to Google Android, don’t be surprised to find out more about the Samsung Continuum and possibly receive a release date for Verizon before the holiday’s.