Friendly Dolphin Catches And Serves Fish To Lucy Watkins

Lucy Watkins thought she was just enjoying a playful dolphin’s company as she was out kayaking and was surprised to find that the dolphin decided to catch and bring her a fish for dinner!

Watkins, 14, had been enjoying a day out kayaking with her family off the British cost when they were joined by a playful dolphin according to

It wasn’t long before their little friend dived out of sight, only to return with a 10 pound cod, which it then nudged towards Lucy Watkins.

“He definitely wanted me to have his fish. He first dropped it 20 feet away, but then pushed it to within 5 feet of my kayak,” Watkins said.

MSN Now continued on to report Watkins saying the following:

“To have this awesome creature which I had loved since I was little to give me a fish that it would normally have for dinner made me feel on top of the world … It seemed rude to refuse him.”

Express stated that the family hesitated for a few minutes, just in case the dolphin wanted the fish for himself, but apparently the friendly mammal dove down again, resurfacing a second time with a fish of his very own that he started to eat.

Nina Watkins, 52, told Express:

“It was as if he was saying to Lucy, ‘Don’t worry, now I’ve got a fish to play with and so have you. This is mine for my tea, you have that one for yours. “He was just so playful and content to be around us. Lucy was dangling her fingers in the water and he seemed to be attracted by that.

“If I hadn’t seen it myself I’d never have believed it. My theory is that he was lonely and wanted human company. He was with us for about two hours. It seemed rude to refuse him so we took the fish and had cod and chips.”

Lucy Watkins and her family definitely got some good company from this little friendly dolphin who was kind enough to bring them some cod for dinner.

[photo credit: drpavloff via photopin cc]