Monty Python comes to YouTube – legally

Since almost day one of YouTube becoming the haven to some of the worst in human stupidity as well as some of the coolest stuff around; one of the mainstays of the video service has to have been Monty Python.

Now I will admit to all the world that I am not the biggest fan of Monty Python and given my druthers I will watch just about anything other than one of their skits. I also realize that I am in a minority here so this news today that Monty Python will be creating an official channel on YouTube for all their fans is probably the highlight to many people’s day.

The idea is that this way the group has control over the quality of the videos being posted as well as being able to make the complete collection from the Monty Python vaults available. The videos will also contain advertisements which the Python troupe hope you will be guilted into clicking on to – in their words “soften our pain and disgust at being ripped off all these years.”

For the Monty Python legalese reason the following video is provided for your learning pleasure