Vaginal Steaming Trend: Think Of It As A Steam Facial For The Vagina

Something called “vaginal steaming” is all the rage right now, and, as soon as you settle down, I’ll explain what it is.

It’s a new, popular trend in the US and is a highly-trafficked term on the Internet this week because people probably heard about it and are wondering what the heck it could be. Offered through carious spas and holistic health centers on both coasts, vaginal steaming is an ancient process that addresses a variety of women’s health issues.

It’s basically a medicinal, herbal steam facial for your vagina, according to NaturalNews.

The process detoxes and heals imbalances in the vagina, cervix, and uterus and is performed a few days after a woman has her period. It also supposedly eases anxiety in women and tackled other health issues like vaginal cysts, infertility, infections, and scarring from childbirth.

“Sounds great! How does it work?”

Grab some mugwort, basil, calendula, oregano, marshmallow root, wormwood and rosemary. Really any herbs. Boil some filtered water (typically 8 cups). Then add 2/3rd of a cup of your dried herbs after the water has cooled to the point where it’s not boiling anymore.

Steep the herbs for about 10 minutes, pour half of the contents in a bowl and squat over it (or sit on a stool with an opening for your vagina). You can also wrap a towel or blanket around your waist, making sort of a tent, to maximize your benefit.

Kind of when you were a kid and you pulled your shirt over your legs to sit on the vent during cold winter days.

Another way to increase your benefit is to self-massage on your abdomen with your hands… or a vibrator. Yes, I know what I said.

“This seems silly, what do experts think?”

Well, by experts, I assume you mean bloggers. Lissa Rankin of BlogHer (a practicing gyno and published author) said she never heard of such a thing in med school or any medical journal but doesn’t think it’s entirely implausible that it might work.

Stephanie at Mama & Baby Love tried it, and it apparently went really well.

Margaret Hartmann of Jezebel seemed skeptical but pointed out that medical experts generally fall on “it’s not not a bad thing to do” when asked about it.

Anyway, you can get it done at a spa for anywhere between $50 and $100.

Some of you might think it’s strange that I, as a man, would write about this, and perhaps even think I am unqualified to do so.

What do you think of vaginal steaming? Does it sound like a scam?

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