UFO Spotted Descending Upon UK [Video]

For the past few nights, residents around the UK countryside have been taking pictures and videos of what appears to be a UFO hovering over the towns of Heckington and Sleaford. One citizen released a video showing the UFO hovering and then descending around Leeds, UK.

Most citizens, including Pete Willerton who spoke with The Is Lincolnshire, are unsure of what the lights are and whether or not they are an actual UFO. Willerton stated, "It looks a bit like a chinese lantern but it flashes and changes color from orange to red to white. It moves around slightly then just disappears."

Willerton says that this is not the first time that he has seen these lights, and even last year he was seeing them near his previous residence. Regular citizens and especially the ones taking videos and pictures of the UFO consistently reported that the object was descending, but other analysts disagree.

Marc Dantonio, a photo/video analyst who has worked on projects for the Navy, told the Huffington Post that when UFO's appear to descend, they are actually just coming closer. Dantonio does not personally believe that the object was a UFO.

It actually was approaching from a distance. The foreshortened distance caused the apparent vertical descent illusion. Based on that assessment, the object wasn't hovering but was clearly in motion. I believe it was on a long, gradual descent vector. This is also consistent with aircraft on approach.
Even though there are always reports of UFO's from around the world, most of them end up being airplanes or another explainable object. Despite many residents swearing that it could not be a UFO, experts such as Dantonio have a different belief.

Tweets throughout Sunday and Monday continued to report on this UFO, and, if things continue as they have been, the UFO will likely appear tonight.