Chink’s Steaks Opts For Less Offensive Name, Sales Plummet

Philadelphia, PA – A restaurant called Chink’s Steaks decided that after over 50 years, it was time to change its name to something slightly less offensive. The neighborhood didn’t take to the owner’s racial sensitivity, and sales dropped dramatically.

Seems there’s a cliche about no good deed going unpunished.

The name Chink’s Steaks was given to the restaurant all the way back in 1949 (when most people thought racism was hilarious) by its original owner. It was based on his unfortunate childhood nickname – Chink – for his almond-shaped eyes.

Current owner Joe Groh decided to change the name in April to the less eye-catching Joe’s Steaks + Soda Shop. It was a sensitive move, but it has also killed his bottom line.

After the name change, there were protests, petitions and complaints about the beloved neighborhood restauraunt’s cave to political correctness.

“I just think it’s ridiculous,” complained one local. “Cracker Barrel hasn’t had to change their name … That could be made into a racist thing.”

One loyal customer, a 75-year-old woman, comes in to tell Groh that he makes her sick. Then she orders a cheesesteak, sits down to eat it, and then walks out. But not before telling him that he makes her sick again.

And like we said, the anger over the name change has affected the bottom line. Groh reported that under the new name, sales were down 15 percent last month. The restaurant has been vandalized, as well.

Interestingly, Groh admitted that he didn’t even really want to change the name. But, he says, “I am Joe. It’s 2013. It was time to do it.”

Do you think it was time for Chink’s Steaks to change their name?