Tomorrow is Election Day- do you know where to vote?

As Election Day rapidly approaches, so does rampant political attack ads and web searches regarding voter registration and local polling places.

Like many things, the internet has facilitated the ease with which you can find information relating to your voter registration and local polling place. This is slightly more complex than you might initially think- when I checked my local voter registration, I found that the DMV voter records had not updated yet along with my most recent move. Had I just searched for a polling spot, I’d have been turned away at the sign-in table and my vote for Jimmy McMillan would never be recorded!

To avoid this predicament, first head over to to determine whether you’re registered in your state. If you’re not registered to your local polling place, this tool will help you determine your voter registration status in general. Then you can check Vote411 to find the polling spot for your address. While you’re out voting, make sure to check in on Foursquare and shout “#ivoted” to earn the “I Voted’ badge.

Do you have any tips for finding spots or generally facilitating voting using the internet?